How To File KRA Returns Online

This is a step-by-step guide on how to file KRA returns online. Every individual with a KRA PIN is required to file his/her tax returns at the end of every financial year. Those who are unemployed and have no meaningful source of income are required to file nil returns. The process takes little time as it is done online through the iTax platform.

Persons with disability are granted a tax exemption on their income for the first Kshs 150,000 of their monthly income.

How To File KRA Returns Online

1. Go to the KRA iTax website

2. Log in to the iTax portal with your KRA PIN and password

3. Scroll to the navigation bar and select Returns. Scroll downwards and click on file returns.

4. A page containing the different types of taxes to be paid will be displayed. Select the right tax obligation applicable to you then click on next.

5. Your applicable tax form will open, based on the tax obligation you selected in the previous step.

6. The tax form displayed contains detailed instructions and will guide you through the filling process.

7. The page with instructions will open up with links to download the tax form in Excel and ODS format. Download the template and open it or save it on your device.

8. Correctly fill in the required information on the downloaded form and save the document.

9. Enable macros to validate and zip your file.

10. Go back to the iTax file returns page and select the period for which you are filing the tax returns.

11. Upload the file (zip file), agree on the terms and conditions.

12. Click on submit. A pop-up message will appear to confirm whether you want to upload the form. Click ok.

13. A message will be generated confirming whether your return has been successfully submitted.

How To File Nil Returns

1. Go to the KRA iTax website

2. Login using your KRA PIN and password. Correctly answer the security question that will be asked, then click log in.

3. Scroll to the navigation bar then select Returns. Different options will be displayed. Select the file nil returns option.

4. A tax obligation page will appear. Enter your KRA PIN. Click on Income tax resident. Click next to proceed.

5. Select the returns period then click on submit.

6. A successful submission message will pop up with an acknowledgement number.

7. Download and print the return acknowledgement receipt.

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