How To Fuliza To Another Number

This is a simple guide on how to Fuliza to another number. Fuliza is an Mpesa service that allows customers to complete their transactions when they have insufficient funds in their Mpesa accounts. The service is available to all Mpesa customers and is subject to one’s credit viability.

Fuliza can be accessed through my Safaricom App or the short USSD, *234#. For you to access the service, you need to be an Mpesa registered customer with an active Safaricom line.

The overdraft service enables one to buy goods and pay bills, lipa na Mpesa and send money to another Safaricom user with a registered Mpesa line. The service does not allow an individual to withdraw funds directly from his/her Fuliza Mpesa. The secret is to send the Fuliza amount to another Safaricom Mpesa registered number or to a friend to withdraw the amount on your behalf.

Here is a guide on how to Fuliza to another number.

  •  Simply go to the Safaricom app or sim toolkit on your phone and select Safaricom, Mpesa option.


  • Click on the send money option and enter the respective phone number you want to send the money to.


  • Enter the amount you want to send then click ok, depending on your Fuliza Mpesa limit.


  • A pop-up message will appear on your screen indicating that you have insufficient funds in your Mpesa, therefore Fuliza the intended amount with an access fee and a daily fee of between Ksh 0-30 on the outstanding balance.


  • The pop-up message will show the option of proceeding, either by clicking Yes or No.


  • Click on Yes then send 


  • You will get a confirmation message indicating your total Fuliza outstanding balance and the due date of the loan.


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