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How To Get A Carnet de Passage In Kenya

In this article, we have covered how to get a Carnet de Passage in Kenya and its associated costs. A Carnet de Passage en Douane’ (CPD) is an international customs document that facilitates temporary admission of motor vehicles in foreign countries. Simply a passport for your car that makes travel across country borders easy.

In Kenya, the Automobile Association of Kenya (AA Kenya) is the only authorized issuer of the Carnet. A carnet consists of 25 pages and is valid for one year, or it can also be obtained with 10 pages that are valid for three months. This means that during the one year, it is possible to use the vehicle in up to 25 countries. This document simplifies the entry process by eliminating the need to surrender your original logbook at the point of entry or provide a cash deposit to customs officials.

A Carnet de Passage consists of import and export vouchers that are retained by the customs authorities in the countries visited.

Requirements Of Getting A Carnet de Passage In Kenya

1. A valuation report of the vehicle done by the AA technical department.

2. Touring Guarantee: A Bank guarantee /Insurance/Cash deposit of an amount to be determined based on the value of the vehicle and the countries to be visited. This money gets refunded upon return to Kenya.

3. Copy of vehicle log book

4. Copy of your passport

5. Duly filled application form

Carnet de Passage Cost In Kenya

Validity 3 months validity 1-year validity
AA members Ksh 17,000 Ksh 35,000
Non – Members Ksh 22,000 Ksh 40,000

AA Kenya Contacts

Phone: 0709 933 000, 0709 933 120

Email: licensing@aakenya.co.ke

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