How To Get A Police Abstract Form In Kenya

This article focuses on how to get a police abstract form in Kenya. A police abstract is a document or form that is issued by the National Police Service, as proof of a complaint or case involving an accident or a particular crime.

There are basically two types of police abstract forms which are mainly used in Kenya. They include; Accident Abstract Form and General Abstract Form (used when reporting crime-related cases).

A police abstract may be necessary when making an insurance claim in case an accident happens or when you need the insurance company to compensate you for stolen goods. It is also needed if you happen to have lost your National ID and would wish to replace the document.

Police abstracts may also be used in lawsuits or as a reference for settlement or compensation in instances where such may be necessary.

The process of getting a police abstract form is no longer complex as it used to be in the past. The form can easily be downloaded online from the National Police Service website free of charge. For cases of lost National ID, the abstract forms can be picked at Huduma centres.

How To Download A Police Abstract Form

1. Go to the Kenya Police Service website

2. Click on ‘Downloads’.

3. A series of abstracts will be displayed. Choose from the series the type of abstract that you want. This may include the general abstract form, accident abstract form or the P3 form.

4. Proceed to download the necessary abstract form.

5. Fill in the necessary details and take the form to the nearest police station where a case officer will be assigned to your case. The case officer/investigating officer will draft the final report and fill in the remaining details for you.

Kenya Police Contacts

Kenya Police Headquarters,

Vigilance House, Harambee Avenue,

P.O Box 30083,

Nairobi, Kenya.

Tel: 020 341 411/6/8.

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