10 Places To Get a Rich Sugar daddy ( Sponsor ) in Nairobi

Hey girl, Just as you are interested in finding a rich sugar daddy in Nairobi, there is a sponsor patiently waiting for a sugar baby to spoil silly with his pension money. Unlike finding a boyfriend or husband where you could just go out randomly to the next street and return home with two numbers of a twenty and twenty-five-year-old boy added to your cellphone, a lady is supposed to be the one doing the chase when she is actively seeking a sugar daddy.

Here’s my logic;

  • Old men have poor eyesight issues. You should be the one throwing yourself at their faces.
  • Old men don’t sit and nag on how they really need a sugar girl to chop their money but girls do that a lot!
  • Rich old men have almost nothing to do with all that money they made. The only major expense they have left is a funeral and they would rather spend the money while they are alive.

Old men tend to avoid stress. They don’t go out except it is completely necessary. This is why you should strategically position yourself at places they are most likely to visit.

Here is a list of those places to meet a sugar daddy in Nairobi.

1.  Tamasha Club in Hurlingham

To find a sponsor in this place, you need to visit the place on Sundays during Jazz nights.

2.  Carnivore Restaurant along Langata Road

Here you will find rich old men who have come to enjoy themselves with some Mugithi, a perfect place to shoot your shot!

3. Sankara Hotel ( Sarabi Pool & Supper Club) on the rooftop.

Make sure you dress well when going to this place so that you can attract a sponsor

4. KIZA Lounge

The club is famous for hosting local and visiting international artists, and wealthy business people who come to enjoy themselves. Its expansive V.I.P area and an exclusive cigar bar is a good place to find yourself a good sugar daddy.

5B Club– Lounge

Its VIP area is also full of super-rich men who can change your life if one spots you.

6. Club K1 

This club is famous for its reggae nights and cool jazz music. Sponsors happen to love such kind of music, it’s a perfect place to go and hunt for a sugar daddy on Thursdays.

7. Mercury Lounge

This is another club in Nairobi’s Westlands where you can find a rich sugar daddy. It’s located at the ABC Place.

As stressful as this hunt may seem, you would reap your rewards in a fat bank account, foreign trips, designer items and money to fund your wedding when your Mr Right finally shows up, that is if you are okay with one or six of these risks below:

  • Dealing with a wrinkled man
  • Dealing with sagging, squeezed and funny-shaped scr0tum
  • No more healthy sp3rm because of old age
  • Leftovers white chest hair sticking to your skin even after you bath.
  • He might be diabolic and take about 28 years from your life span.
  • His wife might go to a mganga and might make you mad.
  • Prayers for you to be destroyed & catch fire by his family pastor and his prayer warriors.
  • Generational curses on you placed by his wife.
  • Generational curses on you placed by his children
  • Generational curses placed by his children on your children when they grow up

Is it worth it? Probably ain’t a sustainable lifestyle. It’s an adventure. And as Hemingway — the novelist — once said, “it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

Anyway, Good Luck!

Victor Matara

I help you to save time and live more with the most up-to-date lists, guides, reviews, and advice.