How To Get More Profits from an Mpesa Shop in the Nairobi CBD

Mpesa shops are the most widespread businesses in the Nairobi CBD. If you happen to own one or aspiring to have one, today we are going to list some of the tricks you can do in order to increase the amount of profits you get per day.

1.Stock Your M-pesa Shop With Mobile Accessories. 

Some of the mobile accessories in Kenya which you can sell on your Mpesa shop in Nairobi include phone cases, batteries, SIM cards, earphones, headphones, and even you can also offer phone charging services.

2. Ask Your Loyal Customers To Refer their friends to your Stall.

This will help you broaden your reach and customer base.

3. Select a strategic Place.

Places you should consider when setting up an Mpesa stall include bus stages, fast food joints and campuses/colleges since they have traffic

4. Get a good sign to show the presence of your Mpesa Shop

A good sign for an Mpesa Shop in Nairobi is definitely a LED light box.

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