How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Using Aloe Vera

In this article, we will see how you can get rid of dark lips using Aloe Vera.

Dark lips may be as a result of regular intake of coffee/tea, excessive exposure to sun rays, smoking, reaction to skin ointments/cosmetics and ageing. You can easily get rid of dark lips using simple natural ways. The best and quickest way would definitely be through the use of Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is very rich in polyphenolic compounds like aloesin that inhibit the pigmentation process of the skin. Aloesin has properties that aid in the rejuvenation and brightening of lips. Aloe Vera also contains phytochemicals such as anthrones, acetylated mannans, anthraquinones such as emodin and glycosides. All these phytochemicals have great medicinal value. Aloe Vera extracts can also be used for cosmetic purposes, especially in making skin lotions and ointments.

Here is a simple guide on how you can get rid of dark lips using Aloe Vera.

You will require the following;

  • Fresh Aloe vera gel
  • Warm water


  1. Apply a layer of Aloe vera gel on the lips (preferably a thin layer)
  2. Wait for some few minutes for the layer to dry(about five minutes)
  3. After the layer has dried, rinse your lips with warm water. After rinsing your lips, you can apply lip balm or an ointment to keep your lips moisturized.

You actually need to perform this procedure just once a day to achieve better results.

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