How To Get Your Mpesa Statement Via Email 2020

An Mpesa Statement is a report that shows the transactions you have made via Mpesa for a certain period of time. This service is free for all Mpesa customers and can be easily accessed by dialing *234# from their mobile phones. There are two types of statements; a mini statement and a full statement.

A mini statement only shows your recent Mpesa transactions that are more than an hour old and can only show a maximum of 5 transactions.  A mini statement is received in form of a text message ( SMS). Today, we will look at how you can receive your Mpesa statement via email.

1.  Dial *234# from your mobile phone to access the menu then select ‘My M-PESA Information’’.

2.  Select M-PESA Statement

3.  Select ‘Full Statement’ and register with your National ID or document of the registration number.  Here is where you will also enter your email address.

4.Select the period which you would like to receive the statement from

5. You will receive a text message of successful registration

6. Your Mpesa statement will be sent to the email address in less than 5 minutes.


You can also download mySafaricom App and request for the statement.

Victor Matara

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