10 Jobs You Can Do Without Leaving Your House In Kenya

A 9-5 job can be very boring especially for those who are not into white collar jobs. The introduction of the internet, however, has made working easier as you can work from the comfort of your home without leaving your bedroom.

There are so many jobs that do not require the physical appearance of the person involved.

Here is a list of 10 jobs that you can do without leaving your bedroom.

1. Web developer/ Graphic designer

A web developer programs web pages and is primarily focused on how the website works not how it looks. This job doesn’t require the physical presence of the developer as most of his duties are done on the web. More often than not, developers work/offer their services on a freelance basis.

This job pays as much as 100,000 – 1,000,000 per website managed and you can do it from the comfort of your home.


2. Writer/Editor

A writer is basically someone that writes. Anybody that writes is a writer but there is a difference between a skilled writer and an amateur writer. Writers have the ability to work from home because in this global world you can send documents and files via email. A good writer should have a well-written portfolio in other to get the job. A writer should also be able to work on the internet. Currently, in Kenya, fresh graduates are into academic writing because it pays well.


3. Blogger

In this ever-evolving world blogging is the new money maker. It might not be easy to start up at the beginning but for writers with potential and have the ability to create traffic, build an audience and grow their sites find it is worth their while.


4. Social Media Manager

Social Media has become one of the greatest marketing platforms in the world, hence the increase in the demand for social media managers. Every company has social media pages that they might not have the time to manage on their own; the job of the social media manager is to ensure that the pages are up and running, also kept up to date with information and strategies the company wants to make known to the public. With the invention of smartphones the job of the social media manager just became easier.


5. Sales Representative

A sales representative sells retail products, goods and services to customers on behalf of a company. They are usually in charge of the whole sales process; finding the customer, following the order through, dealing with complaints from customers and handling feedback.

This job doesn’t require your physical presence at the company you represent, although some companies will insist you work from the company but more often than not most opt for the former because it reduces their operating cost.


6. Travel Agent

Travel Agents provide consultation services for their customers as regards travel packages. They help their clients book flights, car rentals, hotel reservation and other things. Planning a trip can be very tasking, so these people help you get rid of the stress of booking and making reservations.

Travel agents can work from home as they do not need to meet with the airline and hotels as most of these vendors provide platforms for booking their services online.


7. Software Engineer

These people are the brains behind computer programs. They create applications that make working on computers or smartphones with ease. They also create systems that run devices or control the devices.

They are somewhat like Web developers just that they deal with computers while the other deals with websites.


8. Public Relations Specialist

Public Relations Specialist creates and maintains favourable public images for organizations they represent. They basically design media releases that give the public perception of the organization and helps increases awareness of their activities. They are almost like marketers but instead of marketing the company’s product they market the company’s image.


9. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person that provides administrative support or specialized services to businesses, entrepreneurs and executives. It’s basically like having an assistant that you never actually meet in person.


10. Legal Consultant

A legal consultant gives advice to start up companies on ways to effectively run their lives within the confines of the law. Most companies do not have an in-house lawyer that advises them on their activities hence the employment of legal consultants which come at a much cheaper rate than an in house lawyer who has to be paid every month.

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