How To Okoa Stima Tokens In Kenya

This is a simple guide on how to Okoa Stima Tokens in Kenya. Okoa Stima is a service from Safaricom which enables you to get electricity tokens then later pay later. With Okoa Stima, you can borrow any amount to buy tokens based on your predetermined credit limit. The credit limit is usually determined by your historical relationship with Kenya Power i.e The amount you have been spending previously when buying electricity tokens.

How To Okoa Stima Tokens In Kenya

1 Dial *885#  on your phone

2. Enter your Mpesa  service PIN

3. Select register new account 

4. Select Prepaid

5. Enter your current KPLC meter number

6.  Confirm your meter number

7. Your KPLC meter number will be now registered successfully. 

8. Select 1 for prepaid services

9. Select 2 to Okoa stima tokens.

10. You will get a confirmation text from Okoa Stima for your tokens. 

How long does it take to repay Okoa Stima Tokens?

The Okoa Stima loan comes at a facilitation fee of 10% and is payable in 7 days.

You can contact Okoa Stima on Twitter if you have any problem with getting your tokens. @okoastima

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