How To Opt Out Of Fuliza

This is a simple guide on how to opt-out of Fuliza. Fuliza is an overdraft facility based on the Mpesa platform. It allows Mpesa customers to complete their transactions when they have insufficient funds in their accounts.

You need to be an Mpesa registered customer with an active Safaricom line in order to use Fuliza. The facility allows one to complete the following transactions; Lipa Na M-PESA: Buy goods and Paybill as well as Send money.

How To Opt Into Fuliza

Dial *234# and select Fuliza M-PESA to opt in.

How To Opt Out Of Fuliza

To opt-out of Fuliza:

  • Dial *234# on your phone and select Fuliza (option 0)
  • Select 7 to get the opt-out option

  • Confirm opting out of Fuliza. Note that opting out could lead to a change of your limit at your next opt-in.

  • You will then receive a confirmation message from Mpesa that you have successfully opted-out of Fuliza.

You can also use the Mpesa app to opt-out of Fuliza. It is an easy process compared to the *234# USSD option.

  • On your Mpesa app, go to the transact section and choose Fuliza- It is at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you’ve been redirected to the Fuliza dashboard, click on the three dots on the top right.
  • You will get an option to opt-out of Fuliza.

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