Build a Career in IT: Get to Know How to Pass Microsoft MCSA 70-743 Exam with ExamSnap Dumps and Upgrade Your Skills

Of all the vendors providing IT certifications, Microsoft company, perhaps, is the most popular. If you are looking forward to getting your dream job in the IT sphere, then you should take a closer look at Microsoft credential program. It offers a wide range of qualification exams intended to validate the candidate’s knowledge in various IT fields. With the certification from Microsoft, you will be able to not only enhance your skills but also get many lucrative job opportunities. Whether you are intended to work with SQL Server, Office 365, Windows Server 2016, Windows 10, or R, you will find a perfect Microsoft certification regardless of your professional level.

Today, among all Microsoft certifications available, we’ll dwell on the popular MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential, and to be more exact, on the exam that helps to upgrade your skills towards this certification. It can be gained in two ways. The first way is a long one, as there you need to pass three exams: 70-740 (Installation, Storage, and Computer with Windows Server 2016), 70-741 (Networking with Windows Server 2016) and 70-742 (Identity with Windows Server 2016). The second one is the shortest, as here you should pass only one exam 70 -743 which include the topics of the three tests mentioned above and requires you to have special skills.

In this article, we will focus on one exam 70-743 that will bring you to gaining MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential. The Upgrading Your Skills to Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2016 exam, simply known as 70-743 test is dedicated to getting skills necessary to work with Windows Server 2016 services. Now, let’s turn to this exam to get more details about it.

Key points about Microsoft 70-743 exam

You can opt for 70-743 certification exam only if you are the owner of such credentials as MCSA Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 R2. The exam tests your skills to complete tasks related to the main aspects of Windows Server 2016. Thus, you need to be able to provide installation, storage, networking, and identity functionality in Windows Server 2016.

Microsoft 70-743 test is organized around the key topics of variable percentage weight a percentage featuring strategic “what if” scenarios to challenge the candidate’s technical competencies. The number of questions included in the test varies from 40 to 60 and the total exam duration is 120 minutes. The questions found in the exam can come in any of the following formats: multiple-choice with a simple answer, scenario-based, select the correct command or parameter from a drop-down menu, select the correct command or parameter using drag and drop, or select the correct section of the GUI.

The participation in the exam is done by registration. The test is carried out on a first-come, first-serve basis. The candidates should register as soon as the registration period begins. The examinees are given access to the test details page that lists the skills to be assessed during it. The test takers receive their scores within 2 or 3 weeks after sitting for the certification exam.

70-743 test, as well as the three exams mentioned above (70-740, 70-741 and 70-742), are designed for the candidates whose aim is to become computer network specialists, network administrators or systems administrators. Thus, to build a successful career in IT, candidates should have profound skills and knowledge of such topics as Installing Windows Servers in Host and Computer Environments, Implementing Windows Containers, Storage Solutions, Hyper-V, DNS, Remote Access Solutions, Advanced Network Infrastructure, AD DS, among many. The more detailed information about this exam you can find on the Microsoft official website.

How to qualify for Microsoft 70-743 exam?

To qualify for this certification test, along with having the previous credentials, such as either MCSA Windows Server 2008 or MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2, candidates should have a necessity to complete daily tasks related to the new product – Windows Server 2016. They should possess thorough knowledge and skills to work with storage solutions, Hyper-V, Windows containers, DNS, DHCP, IP address, AD DS, Nano Server among many.

The potential candidates are required to make an online application and they are eligible to take the test as soon as the application is accepted.

Study resources for Microsoft 70-743 exam

The official Microsoft website provides access to practice exam questions and answers at no cost. The candidates only need to create an account to access the database with these questions. It is a user-friendly platform that is easily accessible even from mobile devices. It provides accurate and updated study materials reviewed by qualified personnel to ascertain suitability.

Instructor-led training by Microsoft certified experts is also available online. This is an informative and interactive method of preparing for your Microsoft 70-743 certification exam. The content of such training is constantly updated. The students can either choose a traditional classroom training setting or the new Microsoft Official Course On-Demand option, which lets the candidates study according to their own schedules.

Study books are also useful in learning and revising the exam topics. Of course, the most reliable books are the official Microsoft Press study guides, but you can also find a wide range of e-Books available online. Some of them can be downloaded for free, while the others require payment.

If you want to be 100% ready for the test, you can also opt for the exam dumps. But you need to be careful while searching the internet as you can be easily deceived by getting outdated files. Among the websites, you can trust are ExamSnap, ExamCollection, Exam-Labs. Let’s focus on the first one, as it’s the most sought-after among the candidates. If you search for the most updated and valid exam dumps – ExamSnap is the right place. All the files available here have been prepared by the real exam takers and verified by IT experts. In addition, the ExamSnap website offers a great collection of training courses. By taking them the issues which cause difficulties in the learning process will be clarified, as the instructors are the experts in the IT sphere. It should be mentioned, that the information provided in the course is what you need to know before taking a 70-743 certification exam.

Among other most sought-after Microsoft certifications, MCSA Windows 10 credential is the next to be discussed.

MCSA Windows 10 certification

The reason for the popularity of MCSA Windows 10 certification is that it can earn you a position of Computer Support Specialist. To get this credential, you need to pass 70-697 and 70-698 exams. These tests are very crucial as upon the successful passing you will get your MCSA and will be eligible to attain MCSE: Mobility credential.

Thus, one of the exam you need to pass on the way of obtaining it is Microsoft 70-697 test. It is aimed at enhancing and validating the technical credibility of learners by checking a wide spectrum of fundamental technological concepts, such as virtualization with Hyper-V, implementation of Microsoft 365 solutions, configuration of Windows devices, storage configuration, application management, desktop and remote app management, system recovery management, data access and security, and identity management.

The second exam required to attain MCSA Windows 10 is 70-698. This test is designed to confirm the candidate’s knowledge related to the management and maintaining of the Windows platform and configuration of core services.

Only after the successful completion of those exams, you’ll become MCSA Windows 10 certified and enjoy the benefits that the certification will offer you. Among them are career growth, higher salary, respect from colleagues, and more job opportunities.


Passing 70-743, as well as 70-697 and 70-698 certification exams, will lead to getting MCSA credentials and then to the certifications of the expert level. You will be able to use your certification in many renowned IT companies, such as Microsoft, Vanguard, and Aetna. The obtained skills and knowledge are applicable in various industries.

MCSA Windows Server 2016, as well as MCSA Windows 10 certification,  give credibility to IT professionals, equipping you with advanced technical skills mentioned above. This provides you with new career options and helps you optimize resource management, improve the business processes and the overall quality of the organizations’ services.

Microsoft continually reviews and updates the content and parameters of these certification exams to keep pace with the changing trends in terms of organizational needs and technological advancements. The feedback from the examinees and industry experts has a great impact on these certification tests. So, be well-prepared for Microsoft exams to pass them on your first try. For that, along with visiting the Microsoft official website, get the most actual and updated material at ExamSnap. Wish you good success!

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