How To Pay For Parking In Murang’a County

This is how to pay for parking in Murang’a County. Due to devolution, Murang’a County has become an economic beacon in the central region. This growth led to the establishment of numerous shared off-street parking bays, a shift from the previously prevalent privately controlled zones often reserved for specific permit holders or employees.

In response to the needs of its residents and to stay technologically up-to-date, Murang’a County has introduced a swift and secure method for paying parking fees. The Murang’a parking system also allows business people in Murang’a to pay for other services, including single business permits, hospital services, veterinary services, and quarry permits, among others. This service is available across the six sub-counties namely; Kangema, Mathioya, Kiharu, Kigumo, Maragwa, Kandara, and Gitanga.

How to Pay for Parking in Murang’a County

Pay using the USSD Code

Murang’a County provides a dedicated USSD code, *267#, to facilitate registrations and payments for parking. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Registration Process

  • Dial *267#
  • Enter Your First Name
  • Enter Your Last Name
  • Enter Your ID or Passport Number
  • Wait for an SMS acknowledging your registration

Parking Payment Process

Once you’ve registered,

  • Dial Dial *267# again.
  • Choose sub-county
  • Select option 1 for parking
  • Choose parking type
  • Enter your vehicle registration number
  • Wait for the MPesa prompt and enter your PIN to complete your payment

You will receive a confirmation SMS from Murang’a County with payment and vehicle details. Murang’a County parking operators will receive a copy of the same on their handheld devices, and your car will be safely parked.

County revenue staff will remain on the ground to help in case of a problem. The best revenue payers per each subcounty will be rewarded annually.

Murang’a County Parking Charges

Daily Parking Charges

  • Small Vehicles (saloon, station wagon)- 70
  • Canters & Pickups- 100
  • Lorries- 200
  • Trailers- 250
  • PSV Up to 8 passengers- 70
  • 11 seater- 70
  • 14 seater- 70
  • 15-24 seater- 100
  • 35 – 44 seater- 150
  • 45 -54 seater- 150
  • 55 seater and above- 150

Monthly Parking Charges

  • Registration fees per vehicle Per Vehicle – 2,000
  • Small Vehicles (saloon, station wagon)- 1,500
  • Canters, Pickups- 2,000
  • Lorries, buses- 2,500
  • Trailers- 4,000
  • PSV Up to 8 passengers- 1,000
  • 11 seater- 1,800
  • 14 seater- 2,500
  • 15-24 seater- 2,800
  • 35 – 44 seater- 3,800
  • 45 -54 seater- 4,000
  • 55 seater and above- 5,000
  • Taxi saloon cars- 1,500
  • Taxi, Pick-ups after the 10th of every month- 2,200
  • Tuk-tuk- 1,000
  • Tuk-tuk after the 10th of every month- 1,500
  • Motorcycle before the 10th of every month- 300
  • Motorcycle after the 10th- 300
  • Motorcycle, bodaboda- 2,000
  • Reserved Parking- 5,000

Does Murang’a have a paybill Number for Parking Payments?

Murang’a County doesn’t use a Paybill number. Instead, you dial *267# on your phone and follow the prompts to complete the parking payment.

What are the current parking fines for Murang’a County?

A fine of KES 1,000 is charged for all stickers paid after the 10th day of every month.


Phone: (+254)1221 09876


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