How To Pay For Your Mkopa Phone Via Mpesa

This is a simple guide on how to pay for your Mkopa phone via Mpesa. M-Kopa is an asset financing platform that offers underbanked customers access to life-enhancing products and services. Since its launch in October 2012, M-Kopa has enabled Kenyans to own smartphones, solar lighting, televisions, radios, fridges, and access loans.

M-Kopa provides these products on the ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ financing model. This model offers instant access to the product while building ownership over time through flexible micro-payments. These payments are made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

To pay for your Mkopa phone via Mpesa, follow the guide below.

1. Go to your Mpesa Menu

2. Select  Lipa na Mpesa

3. Select Paybill

4. Enter 333222 as the Business Number

5. Enter the ID Number you used to register for M-Kopa as the Account number

6. Enter the amount you would like to repay.

7. Enter your PIN and press OK.

You will receive a confirmation message from MPesa and M-Kopa once the payment is successful.


  • Mkopa will deactivate your phone if you fail to make payments as agreed. Activating your phone requires repayment of more than one Credit Fee payment to unblock your account.
  • M-Kopa doesn’t accept cash payments. Be careful.

M-Kopa Contacts

Phone: 0707 333 222


Head Office: 21 Riverside Paddocks, Off Riverside Drive, Nairobi

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