How To Reduce Your Mobile Phone Radiation Rate (SAR Value)

Slowly, the topic of cell phone radiation is gaining publicityWhile it may be convenient to ignore the mountain of research that shows the dangers of radiation emitted from cell phones, it is good to stay safe considering the rising rates of cancer cases. So what is a SAR of a phone? SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate and it measures the amount of cell phone radiation absorbed by a tissue.

It’s generally measured in watts per kilogram of tissue. Different parts of the world have different SAR exposure limits. Basically — how much radiation your head is receiving when you are leisurely going through your Instagram feed.

What is the optimal SAR value?

As mentioned above, different SAR limits are set internationally. The general rule is, naturally, the less radiation the better. SAR testing is required for type approval of mobile phones in most countries. Failure to meet these regulations in one country/region limits access to the corresponding market.  GearBest website  have compiled a handy SAR value list for most of the popular smartphone models from Xiaomi to OnePlus. As you can see, the smartphones from Elephone have the lowest SAR value (0.033 in EU rating), and the Xiaomi Redmi 4A has one of the lowest SAR levels (0.342 in EU rating). If SAR value is a concern for you, we suggest you consult the list before deciding on your next smartphone purchase.

SAR value list for most of the popular smartphone models 

How to reduce the SAR value of your phone

With that said, there are a few helpful things you can do to reduce the SAR value of your mobile phone right now.

1. Reduce SAR value by using earphone.

Use earphone or headphones whenever you can: when listening to your favourite tracks, watching a movie or even chatting with a friend. The impact of radiation on your head gets lower as the distance between your head and the cell phone gets longer. Do keep in mind that Bluetooth headphones are not the best answer in this case as they also emit radiation. Thus, wired earphones are preferable.

2. Lower SAR value by using speakerphone.

Use a speakerphone when talking on the phone: when driving, when alone in the room, whenever possible. The reasoning is the same: lower SAR value as you get your head further from the phone.

3. Use your phone as short as possible.

This one may be the hardest — but don’t talk on your phone for too long. Keep conversations short and to the point — or use the speakerphone.

If you do tend to chat away for long hours on your phone, try switching sides more often to spread out the exposure.

4. Use special material headphone.

There is special headphone made of a shielding material that reduces SAR value. These headphones would be a great asset for those who spend a lot of time listening to music or other media on your phone as they reduce the SAR value of your phone beyond the distance factor.

5. Avoiding use phone while its signal is weak.

Don’t insist on using your phone when the signal is weak. If you only have a few bars left, don’t push it. If you are in a weak signal area, your mobile phone will need to use more power for transmission — and, thus, emit more radiation.

All in all, most smartphone manufacturers are working with you to bring down the SAR value of their products. But, as you can see from the list above, there is still significant difference certain models. The quickest solution? Check the SAR value of your potential new phone here and try to keep the simple tips above.

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