How To Register For M-Changa In Kenya

This is a guide on how you can register from M-Changa in Kenya. M-Changa is a Kenyan online and mobile fundraising platform which enables one to start and manage a fundraiser. The service which was founded by David Mark and  Kyai Mullei back in 2012 has grown to become the largest crowdfunding platform in Africa with several success stories. For instance, 24,357 fundraisers have been started since its launch with 304,003 people contributing. With M-Changa, you can raise money for medical bills, school fees, charity work, funeral, or even personal campaigns.

In this post, we are going to look at the requirements you must meet before setting up an M-Changa account and the steps to be followed.

How to Get Started With M-Changa


Choose a platform that you will be using to fundraise either Online at Start a Fundraiser or via SMS; SMS the name of your fundraiser to 22231.

2. Verify your fundraiser: Via Facebook, Email or SMS depending on the platform you have chosen.

3. Activate: Send KES 10 to your own fundraiser to activate it. ( You will be given a pay bill number and an account Number)

4. Customize your fundraiser (for online only): Do a moving story on why you are fundraising and why they should contribute through engaging pictures, videos and realistic goals.

5. Add documents: Upload your ID and Supporting Documents to the  M-Changa web portal or email to verify your fundraiser e.g. medical certificate.

  • To add documents, visit Select”Login” at the top of the page
  • Enter the login details Enter the email address and password you set when registering
  • Verification: Before you can accept Visa/Mastercard payments or withdraw funds, you must verify your fundraiser, to”Verify”you must upload: an ID front and back of a person who set up the  M-Changa fundraiser and all the treasurers, supporting documents e.g. Medical certificate/Letter of acceptance from school. In addition, those fundraising on behalf of someone else are requested to add a treasurer to the fundraiser.
  • To upload your documents, Select ”My Document” from the sidebar, then select upload next to the appropriate document type.
  • To add treasurers, Select ”Manage Treasurer”, add phone number then Select ”Add”.
  • Your uploaded documents will be reviewed by the M-Changa team.
  • Once approved, your fundraiser will show the options for Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.
  • Once the treasurers have been added, the treasurer controller button will appear on the right side-bar. Don’t forget to upload the IDs for each treasurer.
  • Treasurers will be alerted when the fundraiser attempts to withdraw, they must respond to the SMS to enable the payment to go through.

6. Share: If you have chosen the online platform for fundraising, share it on your social media accounts. If you chose the direct one, you can use Face-To-Face, WhatsApp Groups, Phone Calls, SMS etc. to invite friends and family to contribute to your fundraiser.

How to collect and withdraw money from your M – Changa account

Mobile payments: You can accept contributions directly via M-Pesa PayBill, Airtel Money and Equitel, simply share the payment instructions found on your share page to people contributing.

Online payments: Accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal & SimbaPay, simply direct people to select their preferred channel via your share page.

Withdraw: Choose between EFT transfer or mobile money. You can withdraw your funds at any time provided your balance exceeds Ksh 250. You can still continue fundraising after you have withdrawn.

Funds are stored securely by M-Changa until the fundraiser wishes to withdraw. Withdrawals can be requested at any time during the fundraiser and will usually be processed during the next working day. You can keep track of what’s been raised in the Web Portal “Summary” or  via the share page:

You can also download a list of payments including the donor’s name, phone number/email, the amount given and payment channel used. To change your target amount, go to  ”My Fundraiser Detail”.  To withdraw the funds, select whether to continue fundraising or not (there is no penalty)  then Select ”Withdraw.”

M- Changa support team will then ask you where you’d like the funds to be deposited. The funds can be sent to a bank (recommended) or to your mobile account. Its advisable to direct funds to the source e.g. A school fees fundraiser can pay the school directly.  All treasurers will receive an SMS when there is an attempt to withdraw funds, they must respond via SMS to accept the withdrawal.

M – Changa Fees 

M-Changa service fee is 4.25% of the amount you are withdrawing. In addition, normal Safaricom, Airtel, Equitel charges apply.

M-Changa Kenya contacts

M – Changa Office: Unit A6, 2nd Floor, Block A, Haven Court Apartments, Waiyaki Way

Customer Care: +254 20 765 0919

Customer Care Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Saturday 10:00 AM to 4:30 pm (Phone, Chat, Social Media Only)

UK: +442036701792

South Africa: +27105006926

USA: +1 323 977 2837

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