How To Repay Jumbo Pesa Loan Using Referral Codes

Below is a guide on how to repay JumboPesa loans using referral bonuses.

– Jumbo pesa is a mobile loan service offered by Antelope Tech.
– Its loans range from KES 500 – KES 5,000
– Has 2 repayment period options i.e 7days & 14days
– Service fees include 10%-15%( maximum at 15% but can reduce to 10% for customers in good standing)
– For 1st time applicants, you can download the app via
– Once you have installed the app, fill in your phone number and in the invitation code field, input f29FFF

– A coupon bonus will be sent to the referrer once the invited has repaid their first loan. This will automatically be used to repay any subsequent loans.

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