How To Repay Loan Bee Loan Using Referral Codes

– Loan Bee is a mobile loan service offered by Weza Ventures.
– Its loans range from KES 100 – KES 40,000
– Its repayment duration is 21 days and 30 days.
– Interest rates are 21 days ( 16.7% ) and 30 days ( 18.8 )
– For 1st time applicants, one can download the app via
– Once the app is installed, on the registration page, type in your full names as they appear on the National ID, your MPESA number, email address and in the Promotion code field, kindly type in SW7E6M8TQL

– Type in your security PIN and click CONTINUE
– Once an invited member repays his/her first loan, the bonus will be sent to you and will be automatically deducted on any subsequent loans taken.

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