How To Replace A Lost National ID In Kenya

This is a step by step guide on how to replace a lost National Identity Card (ID) in Kenya. National Identity Cards are issued to persons of 18 years and above. IDs play an important role in the identification of Kenyan citizens.

The National Registration Bureau is in charge of the registration and issuance of ID cards in Kenya. The bureau also provides an opportunity for Kenyans to replace lost or defaced IDs, through the bureau offices which are located within respective County Commissioners offices or chiefs camps.

One can also replace a lost ID at any Huduma Centre in the country. This actually the best place to replace a lost ID as all services are offered under one roof.

Therefore, this article will focus on how to replace a lost ID through Huduma Centre.

How To Replace A Lost ID At Huduma Centre

1. Visit any Huduma Centre that is near you.

2. You will be directed to get a police abstract from the police desk at the Huduma Centre.

3. Present the police abstract at the registration desk.

4. Proceed to make a payment of Kshs 100, which is the processing fee charged. You will be issued with a receipt after successfully making the payment.

5. You will be given an ID replacement form. Fill in the required details correctly.

6. Your biometric information will be taken for the purpose of verification. This includes fingerprints and passport photo. All the information will be recorded in the database.

7. You will be issued with a waiting card which you will temporarily use as you wait for the ID to be processed. The process takes about 10 days.

8. Remember to present the waiting card on the day of collection of your ID.

N/B: Application of initial ID is only done at the National Registration Bureau offices located countrywide. Huduma Centres only offer duplicate IDs of replacement services.

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