How To Replace A Lost Or Defaced Number Plate In Kenya

This is a step by step guide on how to replace a lost or defaced number plate in Kenya. Number plate replacement is one of the services that NTSA offers. The process is done online via the TIMS self-service portal.

However, before you think of replacing a number plate, you need to get a police abstract and a tape lifting report from the DCI. Tape lifting is a process that involves the verification of your vehicle’s chassis and engine numbers. It is usually done to confirm whether the details match with relevant registration documents.

How To Replace A Lost Or Defaced Number Plate

1. Go to the NTSA/TIMS portal via and log in.

2. Click on apply reflective number plate.

3. Select lost or defaced.

4. Select the vehicle that needs a new number plate, that is if you have several vehicles.

5. Indicate the type of number plate, oblong or square.

6. An application form will be displayed. Fill in the relevant details, including whether you are replacing the front or back number plate or both.

7. Upload a copy of the tape lifting report, logbook and police abstract.

8. Indicate the station you prefer to pick the number plate from.

9. Make payments. This can be conveniently done via Mpesa. Replacing one number plate will cost Kshs 1,150 while both will cost you Kshs 2,050.

10. Submit your application and wait. You will receive an SMS from NTSA once the number plate is ready. The process takes 2-3 weeks.

Requirements When Collecting The New Number Plate

You will have to carry or have the following documents when collecting the new number plate.

  • Police abstract
  • Old number plates (this is if the replacement is for defaced or damaged number plates).
  • Letter of authority to collect. This involves collection for companies.
  • Original ID/Passport of the authorized person to collect the number plates.
  • Original ID/Passport of the registered vehicle owner.

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