How To Reset Your Berry Loan App Pin

Below is a guide on how to reset your Berry app PIN in case you forgot.

1. Click on the ‘Forgot Pin?’ option at the bottom of the number pad.
2. You will be directed to the next screen whereby you will need to enter your mobile number in order to create a new pin.

3. After typing your mobile number, click either ‘CREATE’ or ‘OK which will direct you to the next page titled ‘More about you’. Type in the answer and click ‘SUBMIT’
4. You will further be directed to the next page requiring OTP ( One Time Password ). This process is automatic as there is no need for manual input since the app will automatically detect the SMS received and fill it in.

5. The next screen will require you to create a new pin.
6. The following screen will require you to confirm your pin.

7. You will then receive an in-app prompt confirming that your new Mpin has been updated successfully.
8. You are now able to login to the app!

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