How To Reset Your Ubapesa Loan App Pin

Below is a guide on how to reset your Ubapesa Loan App PIN in case you forgot it.

1. Click on Forgot PIN

2. You will receive an in-app message as shown below, click on PROCEED.

3. A message will pop up stating that your PIN has been reset successfully and your new PIN has been sent to your email address.

4. Open your email and your new PIN will be available.

5. Input the new PIN to log in to the app.

6. To change the PIN, click on the top-left menu and select Change PIN.

7. You will receive the message box below to change your PIN. Input your current PIN ( the one received via email ) , New PIN and confirm your new PIN.

8. You will receive a pop-up message stating that your request has been completed successfully.

9. You can now login to the app via your new PIN!

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