How To Save Radio Stations on Sony Home Theatre System

This is a simple guide on how to save your favourite radio stations on the Sony Home Theatre system. You can preset only 20 FM stations on your Sony Home Theatre System.

How To Save Radio Stations on Sony Home Theatre System 

1. Press FM on your remote control.

2. Press and hold the TUNING +/– buttons until you find the desired radio station’s frequency.

3. Once you have found the radio station, press and hold the SHIFT & PROGRAM buttons at the same time. “P 01” will flash in the front panel display of your home theatre.

4. Press PRESET +/–  buttons to select a preset number for your radio station.

5. Press ENTER button to save/ store the station frequency.  A ”complete” message will appear in the front panel display.

6. Repeat the steps to save another radio station.

Note: I used a Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre System for this guide.

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