How To Send Money From Airtel Money To Mpesa

This is a simple guide on how to send money from Airtel Money to Safaricom’s Mpesa. Since the interception of Mobile Money Interoperability in Kenya back in April this year, transfer of money to different mobile money networks has been a very seamless process.

Unlike before, the transfer of money across networks was not an easy process; it was complex, costly and inconvenient. This was due to the money being transferred not reflecting directly into the recipients’ account, due to the lack of connectivity between mobile money platforms. With the launch of interoperability, customers from Airtel Money can now send money to Mpesa easily.

How To Send Money From Airtel Money To Mpesa

1.On your phone Dial *222*1#

2. Select Language

3. Select Send Money

4. Select destination carrier, i.e MPESA

5. Enter the recipient’s mobile number

6. Enter amount

7. The name of the recipient will be shown for you to confirm

8. Enter your Airtel Money PIN to complete the transaction

9. You will then receive a transaction confirmation message from Airtel Money.

For any questions regarding your Airtel Money Transaction, call their customer care service via+254 734  110000 or contact them on social media using the links below:


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