How To Sign Up For Free Netflix In Kenya

This is a guide on how to sign up for free Netflix in Kenya. Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award winning TV shows, movies, animations, documentaries and stories on thousands of internet connected devices.

For you to enjoy what Netflix offers, you have to be a subscriber and sign up for any of the packages on offer at a cost. The packages include; Mobile package, Basic package, Standard package and premium package.

Apart from the paid packages, Netflix is giving audiences in Kenya the chance to experience and watch a wide selection of popular TV shows, movies award winning narrations and other relevant programs movies free of charge.

Netflix recently launched a free plan that allows people to enjoy Netflix ad-free on Android mobile phones in Kenya. When you sign up, no payment information is required. This is a big win for most Kenyans who have never watched Netflix before due to financial constraints.

The free plan is a totally different concept from what new subscribers enjoy. Normally, new subscribers enjoy free trials and access to the premium package for the first 30 days.

How To Sign Up For Free Netflix In Kenya

1. Go to the Netflix website download the Netflix app on your Android mobile phone.

2. Enter your email address.

3. Confirm whether you are 18 years over.

4. Go ahead and create your preferred password.

5. Confirm your password to verify whether it is correct.

6. Your account will successfully be created.

7. You can proceed to enjoy what Netflix has to offer free of charge. This includes a wide selection of movies, award winning TV shows, documentaries, animations, stories and educative programs.

8. Incase you feel interested and want to enjoy more or a full catalogue of what Netflix has to offer, you can go ahead and upgrade to any of the paid packages.

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