How To Start A Day Care In Kenya

This article focuses on how to start a day care in Kenya. The daycare business is steadily picking up as one of the most lucrative business ventures in Kenya. If you walk around most of the estates especially in urban areas, you will encounter a daycare in almost every corner. The demand for daycares is rising day by day as it is cheaper compared to hiring a maid or house-help.

How To Start A Day Care In Kenya

Starting a daycare in Kenya is very easy and requires very little capital to kick off. It is much easier to operate one if you really love children and have some knowledge of early childhood development.

Here is a step by step guide on how to start a daycare.

1. Find a very good location to set up the daycare

The location should be very safe and have a conducive environment suitable for the well-being of children.

2. Get the necessary licenses

You will need to have licenses from respective agencies. The most important is the single business permit and fire safety. All the licenses are issued by the county government. They cost approximately Kshs 15,000 and 3,000 respectively.

3. Buy equipment 

You will have to buy equipment and modify your premises to offer a child-friendly and conducive environment. Some of the equipment to consider purchasing include; toys, paints, ribbons, charts, storybooks, and child-friendly furniture. You can also consider playground equipment such as swings and a bouncing castle.

4. Properly market your daycare

This can be done through social media marketing, flyers, posters, referrals and business cards. An effective marketing strategy will attract clients to your daycare.

5. Ensure you have enough staff

Hire staff with a good knowledge of children and with good conduct. Children can at times be delicate to handle. Hire someone who has vast experience in taking care of children.

6. Determine your pricing

Compare your price or charges with other daycares near you and decisively come up with a pricing system that will attract more customers and ensure you earn maximum profit.

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