How to start a Web Hosting Business In Kenya

Starting a web hosting company is very easy in Kenya. It does not make sense to buy your own server for starting your hosting business in Kenya considering the high costs of running servers, frustrating downtimes and high cost of hiring staff. Alternatively you can go the reseller way.

If you have chosen to go the reseller way (which is a good starting point) you will not need much. You don’t even need to know anything. You upway provider will give you everything you need to run the business. They will provide cPanel and WHMCS which you will need to run the business.

One good thing about Resellers is that  they enjoy the privilege of free support. When choosing a company where you will be reselling from, consider the following factors:

1. Control Panel Software

When shopping for a reseller web hosting package, the control panel is the one thing you cannot afford to take for granted. This is where you are going to operate your business from. A good Cpanel will allow you to easily set up accounts, create hosting plans, bill your customers and handle all the necessary administrative aspects. Focus on finding a control panel that saves you precious time and money, while providing the ability to run your business with the utmost efficiency.

2. Features

The two most important features are bandwidth and  the disk space.These two resources are so vital because they directly affect the growth of your business.

3. Domains

The number of domains included in a reseller web hosting plan is also essential as it plays a role in how many plans you are allowed to sell on one account. A good reseller account should allow users to create unlimited sub domains and domains. A good reseller account should also allow users to create unlimited emails.

4. Level of Support

Support is a factor that can either make or break your efforts as a reseller. If your web host is not supporting you, how can you possibly support your customers?  The internet never sleeps, so neither should a good support system.

5. Plan Before You enter into the Reseller business

The biggest part of the plan is identifying your target market. Perfect examples of niche markets would be consumers looking for a website that involves special interest areas such as blogging, image hosting, or gaming. Targeting a smaller niche will help you stand out from the crowd and be more focused in your marketing. So get your game plan together, and find a reliable partner than can help you accomplish your goals. Make the right choice, and you could be the next successful reseller in Kenya!

Here are some of the Best Reseller Hosting Companies where you can buy from. 

Most good reseller accounts will go for $19 monthly charge which allows you to start your webs hosting business with little capital.

The Webhosting industry in Kenya is still young , so take advantage of it!

Victor Matara

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