How To Transfer Car Ownership In Kenya

This is a step by step guide on how to transfer car ownership in Kenya. Car ownership transfer or logbook transfer is done online, via the NTSA TIMS self-service portal.

Car ownership transfer in Kenya mainly happens when selling or buying a new vehicle or when selling/ buying a second-hand car. In instances where one is buying a second-hand vehicle, the new owner or buyer must apply for ownership of transfer within two weeks from the time of purchase of the respective vehicle.

Here is a step by step guide on how to transfer car ownership in Kenya.

1. Go to the NTSA website and click on TIMS. Create an account on the TIMS portal or proceed to log in if you have an account. (Both the buyer and owner must create an account on the TIMS portal).

2. Remember to enable SMS code notifications/ click on subscribe SMS option so as to get security codes and other important notifications.

3. After registering an account/ successful login, click on the Vehicle Registration tab then proceed to Apply for Transfer of Ownership.

4. Click on Create New then proceed to key in the registration number of vehicle to be transferred.

5. Next is to click on view. Information about the car to be transferred and relevant details will be displayed.

6. Upload scanned documents of the logbook of the vehicle that is to be transferred.

7. An icon under the new vehicle owners will appear, the owner/seller must choose between Individual, Financier, or Non-individual. Then proceed to type all details of the buyer.

8. Enter the National ID/PIN for individuals, for company or financial institution, key in PIN then click on Add.

9. The next step is security verification. Select mobile then click on send verification code.

10. Key in the verification code sent to your mobile via SMS, then click on Disclaimer and submit.

11. The buyer will be notified via SMS indicating that a motor vehicle has been transferred to them and will accept the transfer by login on the TIMS portal.

12. Once on the TIMS portal, the buyer can click on Accept ownership and proceed to view the particulars of the vehicle.

13. If the buyer accepts the transfer, he/she will be required to fill in some information, then proceed to submit the application.

14. The application will be processed by NTSA and a logbook issued within 3 to 5 working days.

NTSA Logbook Transfer Fees

Here is a list of NTSA logbook transfer fees for different types of vehicles.

1. Vehicles Not Exceeding 1000cc

Fee: Kshs. 1,660

2. 1001 – 1200cc

Fee: Kshs. 1,890

3. 1201 – 1500cc

Fee: Kshs. 2,065

4. 1501 – 1700cc

Fee: Kshs. 2,410

5. 1701 – 2000cc

Fee: Kshs. 2,695

6. 2001 – 2500cc

Fee: Kshs. 3,845

7. 2501 – 3000cc

Fee: Kshs. 5,055

8. 3001cc and above

Fee: Kshs. 5,915

9. Trailer less than four wheels

Fee: Kshs. 1,030

10. Trailer with four wheels or more

Fee: Kshs. 1,890

11. Tractor

Fee: Kshs. 1,030

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