How To Unsubscribe From Safaricom SKIZA Tunes

This article focuses on how to unsubscribe from Safaricom SKIZA tunes. SKIZA is a personalised ring back tone service by Safaricom whereby you can download or record a SKIZA message or tune at a particular charge. The service is available for both Post and Pre-pay subscribers on Safaricom’s network. It is not valid when a subscriber is out of the country or is on Safaricom’s roaming service.

Safaricom will from time to time publish a catalogue of all the tunes existing in the SKIZA tunes system with the song code, artist and SKIZA tune name on its website and the local press. To request the tunes, you can browse through the catalogue and select the SKIZA tunes you would like to purchase. Take note of the SKIZA tune code and then request for the tune by dialling USSD *811#  or send an SMS with the word SKIZA  and the code of the SKIZA tune you would like to purchase to 811.

The selected SKIZA tune can be played to and heard by your callers (both Safaricom subscribers and callers on other networks), from the time when the connection to your line is made until when you pick up or disconnect the call or until your caller is directed to your voice mail.

SKIZA can also be played to and heard by you when you place a call to both Safaricom subscribers and callers on other local and international networks from the time when you dial until when your call is picked up or disconnected.

How To Unsubscribe From Safaricom SKIZA Tunes

1. Dial *811#.

2. Select manage tunes

3. Select SKIZA tunes.

4. Choose SKIZA tunes to delete.

5. Select delete.

Alternatively, you can delete a SKIZA tune by simply sending an SMS to 811 with the word DELETE and the SKIZA code of the tune you wish to delete. For example, send DELETE 5775787 to 811.

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