How To Update Safaricom SIM Registration Details

This is a guide on how to update Safaricom SIM registration details. In line with Communication Authority of Kenya guidelines, a customer is required to update his/her SIM registration documents at Safaricom shops, dealers or agents.

One can visit any of the Safaricom shops countrywide to confirm the status of their SIM. You will periodically receive reminder SMS messages reminding you to update details if you haven’t done so.

Requirements for Safaricom SIM Registration Update

1. Customers will be required to visit any of the registration points with the following;

  • Identification document used during registration (original).
  • Customer’s signature.

2. The customer’s photo will be captured at the point of registration for added security.

3. You are required to update your SIM details based on the registration used for registration of your line. This includes alien ID, military ID or passport.

4. If you registered your line using another person’s ID, the person that registered the line should visit the shop to update registration details. Both parties can visit the shop with their original ID and transfer ownership.

Safaricom SIM Registration Update Process

  • The process takes about 3 minutes to complete.
  • The Safaricom agent will scan your original ID used during registration and take a photo of the customer. The details will be captured in the system together with the customer’s signature to complete SIM registration process.
  • Once details are submitted and reviewed, the customer will receive a text message informing them on the status of their lines within a period of 4 weeks.
  • If you are outside the country, please contact for further assistance.

How to Check Numbers Registered Using your ID

  • During the process of updating your sim details, you have access to view numbers registered under your ID.
  • You can also dial *106# and access option 1, check my numbers. However, you will still need to visit a Safaricom shop, dealer or agent to complete the process of presentation even after you have confirmed your numbers are okay, via the USSD.

Safaricom Contacts

Prepay: Call 100 or 0722 002 100.

Postpay: Call 200 or 0722 002 200.

Twitter: @Safaricom_care/ @SafaricomPLC.

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