How To Use Safaricom Niokolee Service

This is a guide on how to use Safaricom Niokolee service. Niokolee is a service by Safaricom that allows you to request kredo (airtime) from your friends and family.

All Safaricom prepay subscribers apart from prepay subscribers who are roaming are allowed to use the service. One can request up to Kshs 100. The options will be available in the menu from Kshs 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100.

You can be a requestor and a sponsor to another number. However, you can’t share the kredo that has been shared from another sponsor.

Niokolee sharing service is only available to customers on the Safaricom network. The Niokolee airtime can’t be used to make instant calls to another number from another network.

You can only initiate a maximum of 2 Niokolee requests per day. Any subsequent request will be automatically declined by the system. Equally, you can make a maximum of 10 Niokolee requests in a month.

The Niokolee resources can be used for both on-net and off-net for both calls and SMS. The resources have a validity of 24 hours. Any unused Niokolee kredo will not be carried over after the lapse of the validity period.

How to Make a Niokolee Request

  • Dial *444# from your Safaricom line.
  • Select Niokolee then select Request Kredo.
  • Enter the Safaricom number to request talktime from (the benefactor).
  • Select the predefined talktime amount to request then submit.

How to Accept a Niokolee Request

  • You will receive a notification from 444 444 asking you to accept or decline the Niokolee request.
  • Once you accept the request, the selected amount equivalent is moved from your account to the requestor. A notification message will be sent to both of you.

How to Check Your Niokolee Balance

  • Check on USSD *444# or send an SMS to 144. You will receive a message showing the balance of all the resources and remaining minutes.
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