How To Withdraw Fuliza From An Mpesa Agent

This is a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw Fuliza from an Mpesa agent. Fuliza is a continuous overdraft service that allows Safaricom’s Mpesa customers to complete their Mpesa transactions even when they don’t have enough funds in their Mpesa account.

To enjoy Fuliza Mpesa overdraft services, a customer must be registered on Mpesa with an active Safaricom Mpesa line. Customers will need to opt into the service to enjoy it.

A customer who wishes to take the facility will be charged a one-off 1% access fee and a daily maintenance fee is applied the next day at midnight at 00.00 hours.

A customer will further be charged a 20% excise duty on the access fee. That means a customer who uses Fuliza and repays before the next day at 00.00 hours will only pay the access fee and a maintenance amount on the outstanding amount.

Initially, Fuliza was limited in terms of use. You could only use the service to;

  • Use lipa na Mpesa services like paybill, buy goods option/ make payments via a till number.
  • Send money to other Mpesa registered users or other mobile money networks.
  • Buy airtime.
  • Send money to other Mpesa users to withdraw for you the funds.

Safaricom recently introduced a service where one can withdraw money directly from an Mpesa agent with Fuliza. The process is done the same way one does a normal transaction.

How To Withdraw Fuliza From An Mpesa Agent

1. Go to the Sim tool kit or STK menu on your phone.

2. Alternatively, you can dial *334#.

3. Select Mpesa option.

4. Select withdraw cash from an Agent.

5. Enter the Agent number.

6. Enter Store number.

7. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

8. Enter your Mpesa PIN.

9. Confirm your withdrawal details.

10. If the details are ok, accept the transaction or Fuliza’s request to complete the withdrawal request.

  • You can also withdraw using the Mpesa App

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