How To Write A Good CV In Kenya

Writing a proper Curriculum Vitae (CV) may be quite a difficult task especially for a fresh graduate or a first-time job seeker. It is an important document that helps an employer to know you better and capitalise on your strengths to assign you a task that you are well acquainted with.

A professional CV basically contains six important sections which reflect who you are. The sections include; Personal profile, Contact information, Education and professional qualifications, Professional/work experience and Referees. All the information should be clearly stated on your CV.

Remember that a professional CV should be brief and direct and also incorporate action words and phrases that portray a sense of accomplishment and involvement in the achievement of a specific goal.

Structure of a good CV

As highlighted earlier, a good CV generally contains six sections which can be arranged in the order below.

1. Contact Information

This section includes;

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Email

2. Personal Details

  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Citizenship
  • Marital Status
  • Languages

3. Career Objective

  • This section is however important if you have a definite job objective. The objective should be concise and mainly focus on the current job.

4. Education Background

  • This is an overview of your academic journey. Your academic details should be in descending order, from the latest academic qualification going downwards.

5. Work Experience

  • Remember to include dates, names of previous employers, job titles, accomplishments, duties and responsibilities, awards/merits received.

6. Personal Interests

  • This may include your hobbies. This may however not be necessary. Only include your hobbies if they add any relevant value to your respective profession.

7. Referees

  • These are people who can testify about your character and general profile.
  • Ensure you list people who you relate well with. This could be your colleagues, tutors or former bosses.
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