List Of Top Innovations And Inventions By Kenyan University Students

Technology advancements are happening each day in Kenya as innovators are carrying out new innovations and inventions to help improve how we carry out our activities each day.

Majority of some of this inventions are developed by smart young men and women from Kenyan institutions of higher learning with the help of their tutors. Universities like JKUAT, UON, KU, Moi University, TUK, Egerton, Strathmore and TUM have pioneered many innovations and inventions and they have been lauded before for spearheading and promoting innovations amongst their students.
Below are some of the most remarkable innovations from University students across Kenya.


It is alleged that the idea came from unknown JKUAT student who was doing this project. During the process, he realized it could be a good idea. He then presented it to Safaricom to be tested. After that, his idea was implemented and he was appreciated with some cash.

2.Bima Bora Insurance App
This app helps people to buy insurance covers remotely through their phone. Bima bora also helps users to identify and compare different insurance covers before choosing which one suits them most.
This app was developed by Computer Science students at Maseno University.

3. TSA Masomo
This is another application which is used as an E-learning portal for  Engineering students at Moi University. Through this app, students can conveniently access coursework, revision materials and lecturers materials like notes. This platform allows registered members to access hundreds of revision material and past exam papers anytime they want and has helped rid off abit of paperwork. This app was an initiative by a fifth year Engineering student in Moi University

4. JKUAT Race Car
This race car was assembled by engineering students from JKUAT. The car draws inspiration from Formula One cars and it has super quality shock absorbers which allow it to tackle rugged terrains like a tarmac road. This car is specifically made for racing and will undergo mass production in around two years.

5. Paid
Paid is a mobile app that enables businesses and firms to identify and reward the most loyal customers. Businesses can run their own loyalty programs using this app and it has analytical tools for insights hence getting loyal customers is hassle free.
This application was developed by Strathmore University students.

6. Ecotran
This is a solar-powered motocycle which was developed by University Of Nairobi students. This motorcycle captures energy from the sun and stores it in the batteries fitted on the bike. While on full charge, this motorcycle can go for as far as 70 kilometers before refilling. Once mass production will start, “refilling” stations will be set up.

7. Airpost Social
This is a social media platform that mainly targets young Africans. It operates almost similarly to Facebook and Twitter. This site also offers opportunities for users to blog through a multi site blogging site available on this platform called Airblog. Users an also stream and listen to music, sell or buy goods and has over 6000 downloads in Google Play store. This app was developed by an Egerton University student called Seth Rono.

8. Pawa Tele Smart Switch
This innovation by innovators from Strathmore University had a major aim of allowing for smooth transition from solar power to the national grid and vice versa when there is power interruption. This innovation solves the problem of having unreliable energy from the national grid by selling solar systems to customer and allowing them to pay in instalments.

9. Bunifu Sniper Antivirus
Developed by Bunifu Technologies, a group of 11 undergraduate students from various universities in Kenya and Africa, this is a locally made antivirus. It gives protection to businesses enterprises and consumers against viruses, pop ups, spyware and even spam.
Unlike other antivirus softwared, Bunifu can scan through large amounts of data at breathtaking speeds.

10. Path Finder (Smart Glasses)
Path Finder is a pair of smart glasses for the blind. They help the blind to find the best and most convenient path of movement. This project was developed by JKUAT students and it was presented in last year’s JKUAT Tech Expo which happens yearly. This glasses use sensors and work solely on the principle of obstacle avoidance. The glasses vibrate to pass information or to communicate to the user. The sensors check for obstacles from almost all angles and warn the user incase there is an obstacle like a table, chair, stone, hole or even stairs.

11. Mobile Agro-meteorological Advisory Sevice
(MOBIAAS) is a mobile platform that provides agro-meteorological advisory help and service to the poor communities and households and even individuals. According to the innovator, a Technical University Of Mombasa student, this platform helps Kenyans to predict the onset of natural calamities and prevent them before they occur or even make the users aware and ready.

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