List Of International Courier Services in Kenya

There are around 100 postal and courier services in Kenya which range from the national, regional and international courier and postal companies. There are also transporting and freight companies that transport huge amounts of parcels daily.

There are a number of international courier companies in Kenya which transport parcels and documents all over the world. The vibrant local courier companies are very supportive of this international courier services because they usually take over the parcels once they are in the country and distribute them accordingly countrywide or vice versa.
We have listed for you some of the international courier services in Kenya

1. United Parcel Service (UPS)
UPS is currently the World’s largest supply chain management company provider and the largest package delivery company. It serves more than 210 countries and a staggering 8.1 million customers a day. It has a branch in Nairobi, Kenya.

2. DHL Worldwide Express  Ltd
DHL, under Deutsche, is a renown courier service worldwide and it’s expertise span from road, rail and water transportation
Kenya is just one of the many countries that DHL has its branches in.

3. EMS Kenya
EMS is a domestic and international courier service which serves around 160 countries worldwide and more than 325 destinations all around Kenya. EMS is fast, convenient, reliable, affordable, secure and easily accessible.

4. Seabourne Express Limited
With economical rates but world-class international courier services, Seabourne is just on its own level. When you use Seabourne, your shipments can either go by road, air or sea freight to over 200 countries of your choice and your parcel is tracked online all the way until it arrives in that destination.

5. One World Courier Ltd
Established in 1988, One World courier has grown rapidly over time as a private logistics company which serves more than 180 countries worldwide.

6. Skynet Worldwide Express
Skynet Worldwide was established 45 years ago and has rapidly grown to extend over 204 countries worldwide.
They deliver shipments through the sea, air, rail or even road and have branches in Nairobi.

7. G4S Kenya
This is the leading global integrated security company which has interests in security provision products, logistics and solutions.
G4S is available in more than 135 countries.
The group is active in more than 120 countries.

8. TNT Express Worldwide Kenya
TNT Express Worldwide (K) Limited provides mail, courier, and logistics services.TNT offers collecting, sorting, transporting, and distributing domestic and international mails. The company also offers air, water, and road express delivery.

9. Aramex Ltd
Aramex is a reputable global transportation and logistics solutions company and it has over time evolved into a renown brand worldwide because of it’s good and customized services. Aramex has branches in Nairobi.

10. ABC International Cargo Logistics Ltd
ABC International Cargo Logistics Ltd is located in Nairobi and operated in more than 28 countries worldwide.

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