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Israel Visa Requirements For Kenyan Citizens

Israel is among the countries that Kenyan citizens have to produce a visa before entering in. There are 9 types of Visas that Kenyans can apply for in order to enter Israel; B/2 visa, B/4 volunteer visa, A/2 student visa, UN employee visa, A/3 clergy visa, A/4 visa for spouses and children, B/1 work visa, Immigration visa, and A/1 Temporary Visa.  Below are the requirements for each of the named Visas.

1.  Israel B/2 Visa ( Tourist Visa)  Requirements 

This visa is given to Kenyans who are visiting Israel for a short time either for tourism, business meeting or study in a Hebrew Ulpan. A B/2 Israel visa is only valid for up to three months from the date of issue and the person issued with is not allowed to work in Israel during the duration.

Any Kenyan wishing to apply for this Visa must meet the following requirements.

1. Your Passport must be valid for at least 6 months and have at least 3 blank pages at the time of application.

2. Have a duly completed and signed Visa application form by the applicant. Click here to download the Visa application form.

3. A recent, clear, passport photo (5cm x 5cm) on a white background and high-quality paper. Click here to download the Israel Embassy photo requirements and studio locations.

4.  Have an Invitation letter from ISRAEL. The letter can only be obtained from an Israeli citizen, an Israeli company or a tour company based in Israel.

5.  Have a Letter from your employer or Company. In case you are self-employment or unemployed, a recommendation letter from a second party or an introduction letter from the applicant will be required.

6. An International Travel and Medical Insurance to cover you for the duration of your stay in Israel.

7.  Your bank statement for the past 6 months.

8.  A return flight itinerary.

Israel Tourist Visa Fees For Kenyan Citizens 

You will be required to pay a total refundable fee of  $ 52 or Ksh 5,234  either via cash (KES/USD) or by Mpesa, Paybill number: 516833 for an Israel B/2 Visa.

N/ B: The visa application fee is subject to change at any time.

Israel Tourist Visa Processing Time 

Israel Visa application processing takes 14 working days for Kenyan citizens. 

Click here to schedule an appointment in advance.

2.  Israel B/1 Work visa

This visa is given to Kenyans who are going to Israel for work purposes.  The applicant must meet the following requirements.

1. A verified certificate of good conduct

2. Certification of medical examinations performed in clinics or hospitals recognized by the Kenyan Israel Embassy (the certification must cover, inter alia, normal results in tests for tuberculosis, atitis, and AIDS) and the results of blood tests.

3. A declaration of the taking of a fingerprint (the State of Israel has begun to take a fingerprint from foreign workers who enter the country to work) and a photograph.

4. A duly signed and completed application form (click here to download the Application for a Visa to Enter Israel)

5. A valid passport must have at least 3 double blank pages at the time of application.

6. Travel and medical insurance for the entire period

7. Flight itinerary

Israel B/1 Work visa fees 

VISA application fee of $50 or Ksh 5,030 + Service charge of $27 or Ksh 2,716 (inclusive of VAT). Mode of payment is either cash (KES/USD) or by Mpesa using a Paybill number: 516833.

Click here to schedule an appointment in advance.

3.  Israel A/2 Student Visa 

This visa is granted to Kenyans who want to study in Israel and is valid for up to one year and for multiple entrances and exits. Applicants are not allowed to work in Israel.


1. A passport that is valid for at least one year and should have at least 6 blank visa pages.

2. Two pictures 5 x 5 cm, white background, high quality.

3.  Dully Completed and signed application for a visa to enter Israel. Click here to download Visa form.

4. Certification of acceptance for study at a recognized educational institution in Israel including dates of beginning and ending of the educational program.

5. Proof that the student has the financial means to pay for his studies and sustenance throughout his stay in Israel: (bank statements, proof of paying dormitories or place to live, proof of paying tuition, proof of allowance for expenses in Israel).

6. Travel and medical insurance for the entire period

7. Flight itinerary.

8. Payment of the tuition fee if on partial or no scholarship

9. VISA application fee of $50 or Ksh 5,032 + Service charge of $27 or Ksh 2,717 (inclusive of VAT). The total is $ 77 or Ksh 7,749.55 ]. The mode of payment is either cash (KES/USD) or by Mpesa using Paybill number: 516833.

Click here to schedule an appointment in advance.

Israel Embassy Location in Kenya

After filling in your visa application form and having all the required documents, you can submit your application at the Israel Embassy. You can also submit your visa application through your travel agent or a representative. In case you send a representative, make sure he or she carries a photo id proof along with an authorization letter signed by you.

 The Israel Embassy is located on Bishop Road, opposite Fairview Hotel in Nairobi. In case you are using public transport, take a bus from Kencom bus station then alight at a place called Community. Ask for the NSSF building, then use Bishop Road to connect to the Israeli Embassy. The place is highly protected. Don’t be idle. You’ll be arrested.

Israel Embassy Contact Details in Kenya

Address: P.O Box 30354 – 00100
Nairobi, Kenya.

Tel:+254 (0)20 4927500
Email: info@nairobi.mfa.gov.il

For Visa Applicants, Please contact the address below:
BLS International
Israel Visa Services Center
Eldama Park, 3rd Floor, Mara 2
Corner of Peponi Road & Eldama Ravine Road
Tel: +254701867151
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