Jaguar Is Back With Yet Another Banger Featuring Prezzo!

Starehe MP Charles Nagua alias Jaguar is back with yet another banger, this time featuring the El Presidente Prezzo! This has left the whole East African music industry in a shock after their long beef which lasted for more than 8 years. Their new jam dubbed ”Timika” comes a few days after the two Kenyan music icons announced the end of the differences through an ”Handshake” which ignited joy among their fans.

Speaking after the ”handshake”,  the Starehe MP said that the reunion was decided for the betterment of the Kenyan music industry. The beef between the two started 8 years ago when Jaguar came from nowhere and started releasing hits while Prezzo was already an established musician. Prezzo used to live a flamboyant life while Jaguar was still hustling, then after a few years, Jaguar’s career started paying off and started to live big. This where the two started to disagree, one claimed to be self-made while the other was depending on his parent’s money to floss around. But it’s good to see that someone can come from a humble background and still make it in an industry that has a stiff competition. Props also to Prezzo for remaining relevant in the industry for close to two decades, we all know how it’s not easy.

Since then, Prezzo and Jaguar have never seen each other eye to eye despite tireless efforts from A.Y, Fundi Frank, Professor Jay, and Citizen Tv’s Mzazi Willy M. Tuva to reunite them. Funny enough, the two have been recording lately at the same studio ( Mainswitch) and never talked to each other. The efforts to bring them together bore fruits a few days ago when Sappy ( Prezzo’s producer who is now working at Mainswitch Productions) requested and convinced them to do a collabo. An insider told us that there was a tense moment when shooting the video because they could hardly speak to each other. In fact, the shoot was scheduled to start at 6 pm and surprisingly Jaguar arrived at 10 pm while Prezzo arrived at 10:30 pm because they could not believe it was happening. Even Enos Olik; the video director had to delete some shots because of the tensed situation at the beginning but luckily Jaguar and Prezzo got easy as time went during the shoot. ..and now we have the Timika banger!

But the big question is, will the two agree to appear in interviews together promoting their new jam? Let’s wait and see how things will unfold. We hope it will be a good lesson to learn for the upcoming artists in the Kenyan music industry.

Victor Matara

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