List Of Jobs 14 Kenyan Musicians Had Before They Were Famous

We all know that no one is born a star. Even our own Kenyan favourite musicians had to earn a living before fame and money arrived. They had to do some awful jobs to pay their bills while pursuing their dream. Just like the rest of us. From hawking to matatu touts, here’s a look at some of the worst jobs famous Kenyan musicians had to work before they hit it big.

List Of Jobs Kenyan Musicians Had Before They Were Famous

1. Octopizzo

Octopizzo’s rise to fame is a true rags to riches story, and if there is one thing he has not forgotten, it’s where he has come from. The multi hitmaker used to be a casual worker ”Mjengo” and a hawker in Mombasa before hitting big.

2. Nyashinski

The Mungu Pekee hitmaker left the country and the Kenyan music scene when he was at the height of his career as part of the group Kleptomaniax. However, life became hard afterwards and found himself being a truck driver in the US.  Later on, he came back to the country where he made a mega comeback that has earned him good money and fame.

3. Timmy T Dat

Timmy T Dat is currently one of the most popular artists in Kenya. He struggled for a very long time before he released the songs that put him into the limelight. Timmy T Dat has worked as a Mitumba (second-hand clothes) vendor, a Garbage collector and as a tout before his love for music finally paid off.

4. Jua Cali

 No doubt that the King Of Genge is one of the best musicians that the Kenyans Music industry has ever produced. As a pioneer of the urban music in Kenya, Jua Cali worked very hard to get pay his bills before hitting the limelight. He used to be an electrician in California area in Eastleigh, Nairobi.
5. Mejja
The Majengo, Nyeri born is a true definition of coming from bottom to top due to hard work.  Mejja came to Nairobi and became an instant household name back in 2007. He used to sell groundnuts for miraa lovers. The Jana Kuliendaje Hitmaker also pasted up concert posters for artists like Jua Cali.
6. Amani
Her major contributions to the Kenyan music industry have earned her several coveted awards, including the Best Female category at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards. However, before fame, she used to work as a salesperson at one of the supermarkets in Nairobi.
7. King Kaka
He is one of the biggest hip-hop artists in the country.  His poetic style of music has earned him a massive fan base since his debut back in 2008. His business has been progressive; it started with Kaka as an artist and has evolved into him using his artistry as the foundation for his business Kaka Empire. However, his past was not easy. He used to sell the second-hand clothes popularly known as ‘mitumba’ to be able to pay for his music.
8.Vivian Kenya 
The songstress who is now riding high on her latest hits like ChingiChanga is another perfect example of how hard work can pay.  Before fame and money, Vivian used to hustle in the streets of Nairobi selling sim cards in a bid to make ends meet. She once narrated how she could walk from Nairobi CBD to home in Eastlands and survive without meals.
9. Akothee
The boss lady has made a name for herself in the Kenyan entertainment because of her wealth and stylish lifestyle. However, before all the fame and money, Akothee used to hustle very hard to make ends meet. In various interviews, the sweet Love hitmaker has narrated how she used to be a taxi driver in Mombasa. She also used to be a dancer in the Netherlands.

10.  Kristoff

The rapper has identified his niche in doing hit collabos and it has seemed to work for him. Before money and fame, he used to be a DJ a deejay at Homeboyz.

11. Khaligraph Jones 

The Micasa Sucasa hitmaker’s past has not been that easy. In an interview with a local blog, Khaligraph revealed how he used to be a  bouncer and garbage collector before fame.

12. Jaguar 

The Kigeugue hitmaker who is now a member of parliament for Starehe has managed to make his name in the music industry despite the stiff competition. Jaguar narrated his story in a 2015 Instagram post saying that he used to sell water. He stresses that humility and fearing God is the recipe for success.

13. Size 8

In an interview with Kiss FM, the talented gospel singer once revealed to Shaffie that life was never easy for her when she started her music career back at Calif Records. She used to be clean and cook dishes for other artists at the veteran Kenyan studio for a living.

14. Willy Paul

Born and bred in Mathare slum, life was not easy for Willy Paul. The multiple hit-maker had to do many odd jobs like ”Jua Kali” to help foot bills for his ailing father after dropping out of school in 2011. Later on, his music got massive airplay which completely changed his life.

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