Karen Country Club Membership Requirements And Fees

In this article, we will delve into the Karen Country Club membership entry fees and their requirements. Karen Country Club is a family-oriented club, founded in 1937, and prides itself as one of the oldest golf clubs in Kenya.

A large part of the 18-hole course was built on the former coffee estate developed by the Danish pioneer Karen Blixen. The club boasts over 4,000 members, with 800 dedicated to golf. The membership reflects the diverse nationalities found in Kenya, promoting a sense of inclusivity and community.

Karen Country Club Amenities

The club offers a wide range of amenities catering to various age groups, ensuring there’s something for everyone:

  • 18-hole award-winning championship golf course, driving range, and practice facilities.
  • Bowling green for friendly competition and socializing.
  • Casual and formal dining outlets that provide delightful culinary experiences.
  • Meeting and conference rooms for professional gatherings.
  • Squash and tennis courts for sports enthusiasts.
  • State-of-the-art fitness centre to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Swimming pool for family leisure.
  • Unique event grounds, including the Wetlands and The Mulwa Dam, are ideal for special occasions.
  • Wellness spa for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Karen Country Club Membership Entry fees

Full Membership

Deposit- 20,000

Club Entry Fee- Single- 650,000

Couple- 1,150,000

Golf Entry Fee- Single- 150,000

Couple- 300,000

Junior (18-25 Years)

Deposit- 6,000

Club Entry Fee- Single- 100,000

Couple- 200,000

Golf Entry Fee- Single- 75,000

Couple- 150,000

Expatriate Member

Club Entry Fee- Single- 500,000

Couple- 850,000

Golf Entry Fee- Single- 150,000

Couple- 300,000

Joining Spouse

Club Entry Fee- 600,000

Karen Country Club

Karen Country Club Joining Procedure

To become a member, candidates need to be introduced by two existing club members: a Proposer and a Seconder. These introducers must have been members for at least two years and be in good standing with the club. A member can propose up to two candidates per year, but there’s no limit to the number of seconds allowed.

1.     Requirements

The proposal process involves submitting a letter of introduction and the candidate’s CV to the membership office or the General Manager’s office. A proposal form is then completed by the Proposer, Seconder, and Candidate, along with passport-sized photographs. The balloting committee reviews the proposal, and the Proposer receives feedback from the Membership Administrator or General Manager.

2.     Dress Code for Balloting Sessions

Formal attire is required for both ladies and gentlemen. Male candidates and Proposers must wear jackets and ties, while ladies should dress formally, akin to a job interview in a conservative area of employment. This maintains a respectful and elegant atmosphere during the proceedings.


  • Children under 18 years are covered by their parents’ subscription and entry fees, excluding golf.
  • Children aged 12 to 18 years who wish to golf must join as Young Golfers or pay green fees.
  • Golf entry fees are payable upon application to the Golf section.
  • A Junior Member converting to Full Membership will be required to increase the deposit to that applicable to a Full Member.
  • Country members transferring to Full Membership must pay the difference between the entrance fees for Country Members and Full Members at the time of transfer.

Karen Country Club Contacts

Physical Location: Karen Road

Phone Number: (+254) 733 606950, (+254) 709 535 000

Email Address: info@karen.or.ke

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