New Kenya Police Salary in 2020

The police force is thought to be a very prestigious profession. However, the Kenya Police Salary has been a question for many over years.  So, what are the Kenyan police ranks and how much do they earn in 2020?

According to a recent salary increment which will be spread in four phases the officers will be earning the salaries below;

1. A constable, who currently earns a basic salary of Sh17,800, will pocket Sh32,880 by 2020.

2. A police officer in the rank of corporal, who has been earning Sh21,000, will by the end of the four-phase increment earn a monthly salary of Sh42,660.

3. A sergeant who has been taking home Sh28,671 will now pocket Sh45,540.

4. Senior sergeants will get Sh50,220, up from Sh31,737.

5. Inspector of police will earn a basic salary of Sh53,820, up from Sh33,903.

6. Assistant superintendent of police will be taking home Sh70,530.

7. A Superintendent will be earning Ksh Sh73,020

8. A Senior superintendent will get Sh85,890.

9. A commissioner of police will earn a monthly salary of Sh130,590

10. Assistant inspector-general of police will pocket Sh187,890.

11. A senior assistant inspector-general will be earning Sh274,890 every month

12. The Inspector General of Police will be earning Sh854,241, according to the new structure.

Victor Matara

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