Kenya Railways Marine School Courses

This article focuses on the courses offered at the Kenya Railways Marine School. Kenya Railways Marine School is a constituent campus of the Railways Training Institute. It is situated at the Kisumu Port.

The school was established with the key mandate of being a premier marine training centre and thereby being a vital cog in the wheel of Kenya’s sustainable blue economy.

Armed with its vision; to be a premier training centre for marine education in Africa and buttressed by the mission; to provide practical and quality training responsive to a dynamic market through education, research and technology, the school prides itself as a key beneficiary of World Bank Grant.

Kenya Railways Marine School Courses

Kenya Railways Marine School has adopted and implemented the following IMO model and Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) approved courses.

1. Coxswain Level III Course

Requirements: Open entry. Anyone can enroll for the course. A student must pass the Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) medical fitness examination and be able to write and speak fluently in English.

2. Diploma in International Freight Management

Requirements: KCSE Mean Grade of C- and above.

3. Craft Certificate in Maritime Transport & Logistics

Requirements: KCSE Mean Grade of D (plain) and above.

Other Courses

The courses will be rolled out upon completion of the safety training facility. The courses include;

1. Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping (STCW).

This is a basic safety training course that is required by all seafarers who are working on board commercial ships. It involves;

  • Elementary first aid.
  • Personal survival techniques.
  • Fire prevention and firefighting.
  • Personal safety and social responsibility.
  • Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boating.

2. Nautical Science.

3. Marine Engineering.

4. Marine Hospitality.

5. Marine Entrepreneurship.

6. ICT

Short Courses

Kenya Railways Marine School also offers short courses in the following areas;

  • Welding and fabrication.
  • Plumbing.
  • Carpentry.

Kenya Railways Marine School Contacts

Location: Kisumu Port.

Contact: 020 237 8397.

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