Kenya Wildlife Service Compensation List

Human-wildlife conflict has over the recent past intensified in areas near national parks and game reserves. Most of the human-wildlife conflict reported cases are the ones from snake bites, stray lions, stray elephants which destroy people’s farms, stray cheetahs and even hippos.

When wild animals stray, lives are lost and property lost and that’s compensation of victims of wildlife attacks is now a priority as provided for by the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act 2013. The Kenyan government requires more than Ksh2 billion to adequately compensate the victims of wildlife attacks.

Counties like Taita Taveta set aside a lot of money for compensation each financial year because they are the immediate neighbours of Tsavo National park. Snake bites cases top the chart as the most reported cases by locals. Last year alone, snakebite victims required a compensation worth a staggering Ksh 1.5 billion while the ministry itself had received only Ksh 250 million.

Compensation for deaths caused by wildlife can go up to Ksh 5 million while those injured received sums from Ksh 1 million to Ksh 3 million according to the intensity of damage to oneself or property.

Below is a list of what is eligible for compensation by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

1.  Death or Injury by Lion

2. Death or injury by an elephant

3. Damage to property caused by wild animals

4. Snake bites by wild snakes

5. Death or injury caused by Leopards

6. Death or injury caused by rhinos

7. Shark injuries or deaths

8. Wild dogs and pigs injuries or death

9. Death or injuries caused by crocodiles

10. Death or injuries caused by hyenas

11. Stingray injuries or deaths

12. Hippo injuries, deaths or even destruction to private property

Victims of wildlife attacks can further fill this compensation claim form below.

Compensation Claim Form 


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