Top 5 Things Kenyan Campus Ladies do That Really Irritate Men

1: Depending On  A Man To Offer Every Thing In A Relationship.

Reports say that most of the Kenyan men love women that have their own cash, in short women who hustle to get their cash.To the campus ladies who expect to be provided with everything from a man just know that Most men out here prefer women who know how to be independent.So ladies kindly learn to get your own cash and you will get a lot of respect out here, stop this sponsors thing!

2: Cheating In The Relationship.

This happens to be a disease that many campus ladies are suffering from, its hard in Kenya Nowadays to find a lady with one man.I think the problem arises when one realizes that her man can’t meet her needs either financial or sexually, its advisable to Know your partner well before settling down to avoid such problems. Remember that Sexually Transmitted Diseases are very rampant in our universities, so its good to be honest with your partner.

3: Jealousy 

My advice to you on rectifying this one is simple. Grow up. Men extremely get annoyed when women purposefully try to make a guy jealous.It’s childish, try not complicating things, when you Like a guy, tell him ASAP! Don’t wait for Him To Date And start feeling jealousy.This annoys men a lot.

4: Acting Expensive And You Come From A Humble Background.

This is the same ladies who will tell you how they want to be buying iPhones and in real sense when you investigate deeper you find out that even their studies on campus are sponsored by CDF funds.Its simple, Just be yourself! Understand and accept that you cant afford such living.Work hard to buy such expensive stuff with your money.

5: Excessive Drug Abuse.

This is another viral disease in our Kenyan campuses that has affected many comrades.For instance, it’s not shocking nowadays finding a lady smoking openly either Cigarette, shisha or Weed.Ladies as you drink heavily and smoking remember that men out here will not settle down with smoke chimneys.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.