Kenyan Employees, Here Are Reasons Why You Can’t Get A Promotion

Getting a promotion, at least once in one’s career is every employee’s dream.

But promotions don’t just come knocking to many because of some few simple things they don’t put into consideration.
Here are some of the reasons why you are stagnated at one position forever.

1.You Lack Leadership Skills
Not all hard workers make good leaders.Management is about knowing when to step in and when to back off to avoid collisions with colleagues. There are many leadership skills one needs to possess to impress the employer to award him a promotion.

2. You are Disorganized
An untidy desk, messy notes and overbooked calendar can make your employer see that you won’t be able to handle more duties.
The quality of your work can often get overlooked too if it is shoddy.So a promotion won’t be knocking your door anytime soon.

3.You Burned too Many Bridges
Interacting cooperatively with co-workers to maintain a productive work environment is crucial to career advancement, and if you are viewed as hard to work with, don’t expect to move up the ladder.

4.Your attitude
No one wants to promote a Negative minded individual, who doesn’t think success, continuously complains about the workload, his/her coworkers, or the company itself.
Chances are high that you won’t get a promotion. Employees who receive promotions are typically those who have positive attitudes, work well in a team, and are all around kind and considerate people.

5.Your skills aren’t up to par.
This mainly trickles down to work experience. Here, you dont expect to receive a promotion after a year or so of employment,you need to amass skills and the experience so that you can get promoted.

6.You don’t think like a boss.
Employers don’t give promotions to people they don’t see as future leaders. If you’re only showing up to work to get paid , how do you expect them to view you as a leader? You need to be self driven, creative, and willing to do anything to bring success to your company.

7. You haven’t brought any results to the table.
If you aren’t making improvements or increasing say sales for your employer, what’s the point of you moving up in the company? Even if you can’t guarantee good results 100% of the time you still need to make the effort to accomplish goals.

8.You’re lacking passion for your job.
When you have passion for your work , you put all your energy and time into your projects, say iam a blogger, and iam passionate about what I do, you can vividly see through what I write that actually, this person is enjoying doing his thing. Passionate employees will go to the ends of the earth to make success happen. This type of passion is exactly what management is looking for when promoting an employee.

John Nyabuto

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