Kenyan Ladies, Here Are 10 Gorgeous Styles To Rock In Braids This Year

Men always complain that women are sophisticated, but thing is, being a woman makes you detailed, engaging and adventurous. In as much as men lie that they love their women with short hair and subtle makeup, men love beautiful women. By beautiful I mean, women who take their time to work on their looks. Not just the facials, the hair to be particular. As at now, Brazilian weaves, human hair, wigs, dreadlocks and fancy haircuts are not much of a trend nowadays. Women are now more into braids. Do you know why, because braids are more African, they can be braided into a variety of fabulous styles, they are ever looking neat and simple and they help your hair grow longer. Ladies let this year be the one that you go bold and sassy in these glamorous styles with braids.

Marley Twists

Most often they are referred to as long kinky twists. You can dip them in hot water to give them a curly look. Your options are not limited to holding them up in a ponytail, you can style them into a mohawk or leave them hanging, you can as well accessorize them with beads, or spirals strings. This hairdo, could last you a couple of months if you take good care of it.

Neat cornrows

They are just simple, medium-sized pencil lines, that are held together in a ponytail and the ends are elongated such that they can touch your waist. Good thing is, they are not that bulky, so you can curl the extensions at the back of your head, or you can let them hand freely. One looks so fresh and outstanding in this hairdo.

Faux locs.

Well, they are a version of dreadlock that is sexier than the real dreadlocks. When you rock thick faux locs, you kinda stand out because the locs are a little rugged and unique. People will be confused in trying to find out if that is your real hair in locs or not. For the first few days, it’s gonna be painful, but with time, your head stops hurting and you can whip them back and forth, just how you like it.

Neat bandika lines.

People are creative out here. Someone found out that there is a better way to make simple braid lines last longer and look far much better. Bandika lines have come in handy. So, you are plaited plain lines with your hair, and then these bandika lines are fixed on top such that no one would be able to tell any difference. Kenyan women are really loving this hairdo because it’s sassy affordable and classy.

Thick braids hairstyle.

Sometimes you don’t want to sit in the salon for hours getting your hair done. Most women would prefer these thick braids in their situations because it’s time-saving. They do stand out as neat and bold when done perfectly, and also, they grow your hair. Only that they get loose after a short time but still they are worth trying out.

Box Braids 

Forget your ordinary braids, Box braids are now very trendy, because each portion of your hair plaited is in a box shape and when your hairdresser is done, you’d be looking gorgeous. Most box braids are thick and long, such that you can leave them hanging. When someone looks at your head these box portions stand out uniquely.

Ghanian  lines 

They run to the back and are mostly of medium size. You can have them extended or short at the back. Unlike thick braids, Ghanian lines taper at the beginning and increase in size towards the end. You hairdresser can style you at the front before finishing them off at the back.

Bob braids

They are plaited and the long ends cut off to the length of your chin or neck and the ends burnt with a candle for reinforcement. With time they assume a curly shape around your face. You can hold some of them up and leave those on the sides handing or you can let them all dangle freely from your head.

Fancy line braids.

This one is unique too. They start off with simple pencil lines, when halfway they finish off as braids, such that the back is plaited as braids and the front is styled with pencil lines. This hairdo is so dope and a number of your favorite celebrities are trying it already.


If you’d love to have your braids fixed,  such that you don’t have to keep tying them up or letting them lose,  Mohawk  I definitely for you. You can try them out in different colors and you can let them down when you are tired of the Mohawk.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.