How to Act When You Accidentally Meet Your Ex on the Streets

The world can be unfair sometimes. Love so deep, having gone through the thick and thin of a relationship, with a lot of time invested in could be scrapped off in seconds when the parties involved get fed up with each other. The breakup trauma is inevitable, but with the help of caring comrades, you manage to pull through and emerge victorious with a new catch or solo. But do I say? So one evening, while trying to escape traffic jam, you bump into him, and it so happens that you are headed in the same direction and you will forcefully sit next to each other. How do you show him that you ain’t complaining about life?

  1. Confidence; Fake it until you make it.

Of course, you will feel butterflies crawling up in your stomach, or perhaps wish to avoid him by hiding away.For what? It won’t cost you much to gather courage and face him head-on. Don’t feel intimidated by his presence, rather maintain a high self-esteem that will intimidate his ego.

  1. Show maturity.

You might have broken up with him cause you walked in suddenly into a woman up under him, such that every time you see him, that image plays back into your mind. It hurts to remember all that, but it’s past tense. Swallow your pain and say hello.Don’t pick a fight in front of a big whole crowd, you will embarrass yourself.

  1. Keep it short and simple.

The only thing that you two have in common is a bitter past. So as time moves on, you will definitely diverge and lose touch. You are like strangers to each other, don’t be carried away by emotions and go verbal diarrhea about how you have been since he left.It’s utterly not his business.

  1. Proper introductions, What for?

Just in case you were with your fiancée, you don’t need to introduce hi with any references to your past and present.A mere handshake and names are enough. It’s that simple.Don’t feel nervous or compelled to pour out details about your new guy. In as much as you two had a thing in the past, please be respectful. Don’t try to humiliate or belittle him before your man.

  1. Don’t dare text him after the meeting.

‘We will talk,’ was probably your closing remark. But never actualize it. If he happens to text you, don’t entertainment him, keep your replies short and straight to the point. Trying to catch up with someone whom you just met after a long while is a waste of your time.Unless he is hooking you up with a well-paying job.

By Inzillia Sasi.

Victor Matara

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