Kenyan President Salary And Allowances

This article focuses on the Kenyan president’s salary and allowances. The president is the Head of State and Government, Commander-in-Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces, chairperson of the National Security Council, and a symbol of national unity.

According to the constitution, a president in Kenya can serve a maximum of two terms (5 years each). During this period, the president is entitled to a salary and allowances. According to a recent gazette notice by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), the president gets a monthly salary of Ksh 1,443,000. A breakdown of the Ksh 1,443,000 salary shows that the Kenyan president gets Ksh 866,250 in basic pay, Ksh 350,000 in house allowance and Ksh 227,500 market salary adjustment.

Kenyan President Salary And Allowances

Kenyan President Salary and Allowances
Basic Salary Ksh 866,000
House Allowance Ksh 350,000
Market Adjustment Ksh 223,000
Total Salary Per Month Ksh 1, 443, 000

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