List Of Places You Can Hire Wedding Gowns in Nairobi

Planning for a wedding until it successfully goes through is no mean feat, especially when it comes to funding. Many people don’t wed because they know that some cool amount will go down the drain, so they prefer to keep it “come we stay”.

Wedding gowns are some of the money guzzlers when planning for a wedding. Wedding gowns go for as expensive as Ksh250,000 and cheap as ksh10000 or less. But you know that the amount, even if it is ksh10,000, is very expensive to others as reselling it after the wedding will fetch a lower price, or even stay in the wardrobe forever.
Hiring a gown for your wedding can be a bit cheaper because it will cost you almost 10 times cheaper for some of the most expensive gowns.

Below is a list of places you can hire wedding gowns in Nairobi.

1. Elle bridal Kenya

Elle bridal Kenya is probably the biggest shop for gowns hire and sale in Kenya. They have scaled down the ever-increasing wedding costs and their gowns don’t cost much.
Their gowns are custom made and clients can pre-order them either for hire or buying. The clients can also decide which design they want a custom made for them to suit their taste

2.Dream gowns rentals

Dream gowns rentals are an online platform for selling and leasing new and preowned wedding dresses. They also take orders to design a gown that fits the bride’s taste.

3.Bride to Bride Kenya

This is one of the biggest online gown platform. It is unique because former brides and pre-owners of gowns are linked to potential buyers in a convenient, easy, and reliable way to soon to be brides. The buyer/hirer and the seller then negotiate and settle on a favourable price amicably.
This site has become one of Kenya’s top hiring site because of it’s wide variety of gowns and good prices.

4.The Perfect Bride Kenya

They provide flashy wedding gowns both for hire and sale at the best prices in town.
Their variety of dresses gives brides a wide choice to shop from for their best, trendy and latest dress.

5.Top Bride Collections

With a great and glamorous collection of wedding dresses, tuxedos, shoes, heels and accessories for hire and sale, Top bride collection is one of the top places to visit when shopping for wedding gowns.
Their rates are pocket friendly especially when hiring.

6.Nikita Bridal Shop

The way they customize the gowns just sum everything up. They make tailor made gowns according to the bride’s demand and offer a wide range of wedding gowns, shoes and tuxedos.
Their prices are worth going for as much as they are competitive.

7.Tight Knot Wedding House

Apart from hiring classy modern and modern with a traditional touch gowns,Tight Knot Wedding House also hires out accessories for flower girls, the maids and even jewelry. Their prices are worth going for hence the reason they are competitive.

8.Marina Bridal Kenya

Despite the fact that they do high end designer gowns, Marina Bridal also have affordable dresses for hire and now that’s what makes it even worth giving it a second look.
They have the finest and latest trends in town and their variety of wedding dresses leaves the bride spoilt for choice.

9.Happy Wishy

Happy wishy provides the best gowns for hire and purchase at affordable prices.
They also offer accessories just like tight knot wedding. At happy wishy, buyers can also buy trendy gowns, shoes, heels, tuxedos and african wedding dresses at pocket friendly prices.

10.Wedding Belles Kenya

Wedding Belles Kenya provides clients of local custom made gowns or imported gowns, according to the bride’s choice for either hire or sale. They also do attires for grooms, bridesmaids and flower girls.
Their wide variety of gowns and  favourable prices are a thing to beat.

Other places you can hire wedding gowns are;

11.Zuri Brides

12Ultimate Bride Shop Kenya.

13.Afro Elegance Bridal Collections

14.All Divas Wedding

15.Jayelle Styles

16.Jerm Creations Bridal Shop

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