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Kereita Forest Zip Lining Charges

In this article, we will have a look at The Forest ziplining charges. It is located just 60 minutes from Nairobi, near Limuru, in Kereita Forest.

This adrenaline-packed venture features a 2.2 Km line over the canopy – arguably one of the best and safest places to zipline in Kenya. To zip line here, one must be below 115kg, have warm clothes, and wear a solid pair of shoes. Other activities at the Forest include paintball, horse riding, mountain biking, archery, team building, camping, walking, and footgolf.

One can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Aberdare Ranges and Mount Kenya from The Forest. The restaurant’s culinary experience is also top-notch.

The Forest Zip Lining Charges

a) 2.2 km/ 6 lines

Adult: Ksh 2,800

Child(12 yrs or less): Ksh 2,300

b) 750 m / 2 lines

Adult: Ksh 1,800

Child(12 yrs or less): Ksh 1,800

Junior Kids Zipline : Ksh 600

Night Zipline ( once a month): Ksh 2,000

Other  Activities

Mountain Biking 

  • 1 Hour

Adult: Ksh 1,000

Child: Ksh 800

  • 2 Hours

Adult: Ksh 1,200

Child: Ksh 1,000

  • 4 Hours

Adult: Ksh 2,000

Child:  Ksh 1,700

  • Full-Day (own bike)

Adult: Ksh 1,000

Child: Ksh 500

Paint Balling

1 hour

Adult: Ksh 1,750

Child: Ksh 1,600


1 hour

Adult: Ksh 1,200

Child: Ksh 1,100

Nature Walks (with a guide)

1 hour

Adult: Ksh 400

Child: Ksh 200

2 hours

1 hour

Adult: Ksh 600

Child: Ksh 400

Horse Riding

30 minutes

Adult: Ksh 1,800

Child: Ksh 1,300

1 hour

Adult: Ksh 2,200

Child: Ksh 1,700

4 hours

Adult: Ksh 5,000

Child: Ksh 4,000


1 hour

Adult: Ksh 1,000

Child: Ksh 800


Adult: Ksh 1,000

Child: Ksh 500

Tree Planting 

Per Tree

Adult: Ksh 250

Child: Ksh 250

The Forest Contacts

Phone: 0711 11 22 33


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