Kitengela Glass Bridge Entrance Fees

This article highlights the Kitengela Glass Bridge entrance fees. Kitengela Glass Bridge is a long, suspended, and swaying pedestrian bridge launched in early 2000.

The bridge which is 60 meters long,  is made of steel lift cables, with a wire and mild steel framework and is decorated with recycled glass elements. It hangs about 30 meters above a river valley. Its rustic nature and large gaps spanning the bridge make the experience of crossing the bridge scary, especially for people with acrophobia.

The bridge is part of the larger Kitengela Hot Glass establishment. Nani Croze, a German national, started Kitengela Stained Glass Studios in 1981. It became well known for its beautiful and unique stained glass art. The studio complex is owned and run by Nani’s son, Anselm Croze (a Kenyan national), and continues to produce stunning glass art that is sold around the world.

Kitengela Glass Bridge Entrance Fees

To access the Kitengela Glass Bridge, an entrance fee of Ksh 300 for adults and children is paid at the gate.

Besides the glass bridge, guests can enjoy a demonstration of the captivating art of glass blowing at the Kitengela Glass factory. The factory is utilized to craft kitchen utensils, decorations, light fixtures, and various other items which are available for purchase. Kitengela Factory charges a separate fee of KES 300 per person for demonstrations.

The facility also has a swimming pool that you can access by paying Ksh 500(adult) or Ksh 300 (adult).

Activity Charges (Ksh)
Kitengela Glass Bridge 300 Per Person
Kitengela Glass factory 300 Per Person
Swimming Pool 500 per adult / 300 per child
Nani’s Wonderland Sculpture Garden 300 Per Person


  • The bridge is not recommended for children under 12 as it could be scary and also due to its large gaps spanning across the bridge.
  • Wear fitting clothes and comfortable shoes

Kitengela Glass Bridge Contacts

Phone: 011 0001499



Facebook/Instagram:Kitengela Hot Glass

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